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Astride Schlaefli works as a freelance musician, composer and performer
in Switzerland and abroad. She got two master degrees at University
of Bern, as an art and music teacher and after also a master degree as
a piano teacher at the Bern University of the Arts. She added
composition and music theater continuing education at the Humboldt
Univerity of Berlin with Georges Aperghis, Ruedi Häusermann, Vinko
Globokar, Cesar Brie, Maria Elena Amos and Jürg Kienberger as well
as sound and film editing. Back in Bern, she studied composition with
Xavier Dayer at the Bern University of the Arts. She is a member of the swiss musician association since 2004.

She founded the Collectif barbare in 2006 and works since then mostly
on her own projects with the Collectif barbare and also other theater , music and performance groups in theaters and public spaces. She
also works as a sounddesigner and shortfilm maker.


2013-14      Arts Council's Scholarship in New York from the Head of
Department of Education of the State of Bern

2012      REMOTE CITIZEN wins "Tête à tête" (Department of Art and
Education of the State of Bern)

2008      Bourse Sonore 08 award of the Cultural Commission of the
State of Jura and Bern

2006      award at the PREMIO competition with Les Rituels barbares

artistical activities

2014 ich möchte nur noch spielen (Cb*), Coproduction with the Ensemble
für Neue Musik Zürich
about the third and last diary of Max Frisch

2014 Jakob von Gunten (Cb*), coproduction with the Performance
musical theater after Robert Walser

2013-2014 New York - the game

2012 SITCOM (Cb*) performances in public spaces, Wolfsein oder
nicht sein
(Cb*) coproduction with Dalang Puppencompany (ZH),
Palazzo Wyler, in collaboration with RaumNo Bern (installation)

2011 alle deine Namen (Cb*), Step on no pets, performance for the Stadtgalerie Bern, REMOTE CITIZEN with the Performance Operators
(Christian Kuntner, Martin Schick), pianiste (Cb*), we speak
(to anyone about anything)
(performance - serie of the improbables), waschplan installation - serie of the improbables)

2010 In flagrante, (Cb*), 5 performances in open spaces, Roulette 4,
with Nils Torpus, Michael Wolf, Dodo Déer, Mark Wetter, production: Theaterschöneswetter and Theatertage Lenzburg

2009 Les Paradis barbares, (Cb*), Atteintes à la pudeur, (Cb*), 15 performances in open spaces

2008 Les enfants de Barbarie, (Cb*), musical theater-performance
about the fate of the Jenisch people in Switzerland. Texts: swiss
national archives and Pro Juventute archives, music: J.S Bach,
György Kurtag

2007 Les Rituels barbares, (Cb*), musical theater-performance
about the sisters Papin. Texts: archives of the case, music:
wait and see (performance - serie of the improbables)

2006  Monte Verità - Richard Strauss, Sinnsuche und Sonnenbad,
musical theater-performance about Monte Verità. Texts: archives
of Monte Verità, music: Richard Strauss and Emile-Jacques Dalcroze

2005  Crescendo Mortale, composition/performance for 47 pianos and
as much pianists, Festival OORSMEER in Bern

2004 Schtrrrr, after Georges Aperghis « Machinations », la pomme (performance)

(Cb*)= Collectif barbare